CJ Westcott

Robby Deck

Sean Laettner

(Born May 3rd, 1995)

Guitar, Vocals, Violin

C.J. Westcott joined Scathed in 2016 as a guitarist, but began playing the violin in 2001 at the age of six.  Into his teen years, he began to draw inspiration from heavy rock bands, such as Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and the Ramones, and he began learning guitar.  Following his introduction to Scathed, C.J. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University at Buffalo.  He attributes his schooling to expanding his taste in music and helping him to experiment with harmony and different instruments.

(Born May 22nd, 1999)



Robby Deck started getting guitar lessons when he was twelve, and then began singing a year later. Through a mutual friend, he jammed with Sean in 2014 and formed Scathed later that year.  Robby's love for music blossomed after hearing bands such as ACDC, Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana. John Frusciante of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Layne Stayley of Alice in Chains also helped him to develop what would become his current hard rock musical style.

(Born October 9th, 2000)


Sean began playing drums at the age of ten and quickly developed a passion for it. After taking lessons for a couple of years, he began jamming with Robby and a mutual friend, and the three of them eventually formed Scathed in 2014. Energetic and fast-paced rock groups such as the Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin have always been a significant influence on his playing.

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